Choosing Horses

If the politics as a horse race metaphor is accurate, it looks like the betting men (yes, and women) are choosing their horses. The Des Moines Register has endorsed Sen. Hillary Clinton and Sen. John McCain for their respective caucuses. I write all about it at the Political Inquirer, noting that this is a victory for Clinton but pondering the significance for McCain:

I’m less sure about the Register’s decision to endorse McCain. It seems to me that, given its liberal bent, the Register decided to endorse McCain as the lesser of the Republican evils. In other words, McCain is the Republican candidate most palatable to the liberal editors of the Register. Again, this isn’t likely to help McCain among Republican caucus goers in Iowa, although it could benefit him in the general election in the unlikely event that he actually captures the Republican nomination. McCain’s reputation as a maverick is most helpful to him among non-partisan independents and moderates in both parties, so it could make him a formidable general election opponent. But first he has to get the Republican nomination, and I don’t see this endorsement helping him one bit in achieving that goal.

In another post, I note that the Boston Globe endorsed Barack Obama and John McCain, and I also take note of Judge Robert Bork’s endorsement of Mitt Romney. Finally, I discuss the wave of “anti-endorsements” that Mike Huckabee has received from moderate, right-leaning, and downright conservative bloggers, and I speculate that the Huckabee surge may be bad general election news for the Republicans and great news for the Democrats.


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