Iowa First Lady Backs Edwards

Blogging for the Political Inquirer, I write that Iowa first lady Mari Culver has endorsed former Sen. John Edwards. Noting that all these endorsements of other candidates are bad news for Iowa front runner Barack Obama, I also point out that Edwards has a new issue to counter Obama’s claim to idealism and Clinton’s claim to experience: electability.

First, this endorsement means that John Edwards is still very much in this race. With Clinton and Obama playing their endless game of Presidential Death Match, it’s Edwards who stands to gain the most from their mudslinging. Recent polling shows that Edwards’ strength lies in his electability, with him polling much better than either Clinton or Obama against any of the possible Republican nominees. The issue of electability could matter a lot to Democrats going forward, because the last thing Democrats want to see is a Republican administration that will continue Bush’s business as usual.

As an opponent of Obama’s candidacy – too far left for me – this is welcome news. I would prefer to see Clinton as the Democratic nominee, but if that’s not possible, Edwards will do.


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