Mr. Right, Political Inquirer

December 9, 2007

Just wanted to let any readers I may have know that I’m not just blogging here, I’m also now blogging with The Political Inquirer. If you head on over and take a visit, you’ll find:

Mr. President, We’re in Your Debt – A look at President Bush’s plan to bail out borrowers by freezing interest rates on adjustable-rate mortages, and how this plan will injure the economy and hinder progress toward a culture of responsibility.

McCain: No Investigation Needed – The news that John McCain opposes an investigation of the CIA torture tape scandal, with brief commentary by yours truly.

Borrow & Spend Liberalism – Analyzing the problem with the Bush tax cuts, John McCain’s acceptance of those tax cuts, and asking why fiscal conservatism has been replaced with a borrow and spend variant of fiscal liberalism.

Nancy Come Lately – Commenting on the news that Speaker Pelosi and other senior Democrats were briefed on waterboarding and other torture techniques back in 2002, without objection. What else can we expect from the people who brought us the Iraq War until it was more politically beneficial for them to oppose it?