The Torture Tapes

December 8, 2007

The big news is that the CIA has destroyed tapes that may show intelligence gatherers engaged in unlawful interrogation techniques (i.e., torture). To make matters worse, CIA Director Michael Hayden lied and said that the destruction of the tapes was reported to the appropriate congressional committees. Both the chairman and ranking member of the House Intelligence Committee have said that the committee was never informed.

What’s to say? The Bush administration has lied and covered something up. Is this really still news at eleven? Y’know, I think I’ll just give the last word to Republican Ed Morrissey (Captain’s Quarters), who writes:

Those who are inclined to shrug this off should rethink their positions. The action of the CIA not only shows disrespect to Congress, the only real check on potential abuse, it may have provided the basis for overturning an important conviction in the war on terror. In a nation based on the rule of law, we cannot allow government officials in positions of power to make up their own rules as they go along. We certainly cannot abide them disseminating false information as Hayden apparently has.

Exactly. Hopefully more Republicans will arrive at this point of view, and hopefully there can be some sort of bipartisan congressional effort to finally check the unprecedented seizure of power by the executive branch. It’s well past time.